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Evaluate the tutor and see if you are comfortable with him/her. The tutor will also have a chance to evaluate your level and learning needs so that he/she can come up with a tailored strategy.
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If everything goes well, select your preferred plan and start learning Quran online. If the tutor was not up to your expectations, we can give you another one from our pool of Quran tutors.

Courses WE Offer

Noorani Qaida Basic Qaida for Kids

In this course we teach from Noorani Qaida. Which is the basic course for every new beginner student who wants to recite Read More

Nazera Quran-E-Majid. (Ma-Tajweed)

Tajweed rules means to recite every letter of the Quran correctly from its makhraj(Pronunciation) with all of its qualities. Read More

Hifz-E-Quran (Memorize)

Memorizing the Holy Quran is a spiritual and physical project. It’s a miracle and blessing from Allah Subhanahu Wa ta’ala Read More

Tarjuma-E-Quran (Quran Translation)

Holy Quran is the divine book and the book of God. Quran has been revealed on our last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Read More

About Us

“Quran Home Tutors" is an online Islamic school, that has been providing Quran and basic level Islamic teaching services since 2018. We are assisting parents as well as children in learning Holy Quran recitation and memorization with proper Tajweed. We organize one-to-one live interactive Quran classes.
You will be glad to know that we have been trying to provide our Holy Quran to the whole world from Pakistan. Holy Quran is the ultimate guide for Muslim Ummah. We are a team of Muslims who are eager to spread the message of the Quran & the Sunnah through the most easy and effective learning methods.
We have a team who are promoting and thinking how Muslims can touch with Quran & Sunnah. Specially we are looking for Pakistani who are residing abroad. trying to spread proper Islam to them. We are happy with the progress of the school and We are pleased that we now have a close community of students, staff and parents. We are grateful to Allah and all the parents who support us and who say so many good things about the school. Our fame is spreading and this is due to the hard work and dedication of the whole Primary team.

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One-to-one learning sessions
Free trial class.
Best quality Quran education
Lowest possible charges/fee
Flexible schedule class timings

Join our course and start learning Quran In the Islamic World. We make sure every class is easily understood, and that all students reach the same level of expertise needed.